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Hello, little potatoes, my name is Sandhya Gopalakrishna and I am the writer of this blog – Make Potato. I am a daughter, mother, wife, sister, niece, friend, Bangalorean, vegetarian..

Make Potato – Why am I calling my blog Make Potato?

Well, potatoes are my all-time favourite. Potatoes bring me joy when I cut or cook or eat them. It’s comfort food.

This site is my love letter to food – everything I have learned, cooked, and eaten so far, a keepsake in which I document my journey in the world of food. I am a self-taught home cook. The internet, my fellow food bloggers, and my aunts have been my gurus. I owe it all to them. Since I am self-taught, I have done it all – burnt, over-salted, over-spiced, no salt, overcooked, undercooked, over baked, under-baked, etc… I persevere…

Every recipe that you read results from diving deep into the web or asking people too many questions. So, I have tested every recipe that I post at least thrice in my kitchen. Check them out in my Recipe section.

Most of us are not aware of where food comes from, so this blog is my journey in understanding the where, what, when, why, and which of everything that we consume. I am on the path to learning about it and documenting it, too.

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Thank you and have a wonderful day!